The Associates of Caritas Christi Secular Institute are persons—men and women (married, celibate widowed…)– who wish to live the same spirituality. Caritas Christi offers to each person –to live the fullness of possibilities given to each person in Baptism. Caritas Christi proposes:
A spirituality:
To live in the sight of God who sees in secret. That allows one to live daily events in peace and serenity, to experience the presence of God, who watches over all humanity.
To discover and to contemplate, in the course of ordinary life each day, the love with which they are loved, , and to, thus, learn to love their brothers and sisters.
A life project:
In a world of consumerism, which judges by appearances, and in which immediate results count the most, those in Caritas Christi wish to bring the Reign of God present to humankind, beginning with those who are nearest. To help them also to discover the love of God. To make God known to others.
In their daily life, members wish to make known what at times is often not perceived, in order that, little by little, the community of Love be formed among humankind.
A fraternal communion:
Our bond of communion is very strong. It is what unites us in spite of distances between us.
Our bond is strengthened also by a steady relationship with another member of Caritas Christi, which they plan together. This assures connectedness in the bonds between the members of the Institute.
Regularly scheduled meetings: monthly or bi-monthly

  • Where there is life-sharing in the climate of prayer.
  • Retreats and Days of Recollection are also scheduled.

Study of texts:

  • Study of texts is focused on deepening and discovering the basic principles of foundation of the spirituality of the Institute; and, most especially, for living the spirituality.
  • Study of texts is essential in order to guide action, reflection, prayer and sharing.


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